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The mynous.online is a summarise of an engineers’s teem empirical recordings, intending to let the world a little better than was found. In Chapter D +, 99 innovative ideas of goods and services are freely available to questioning and utilisation. Those ideas are result of logical conclusions from abstract concepts seemingly unrelated to each other. This ability to export new ideas can be acquired by everyone, within a framework of understanding the mechanisms of the Mind and of achieving harmony within ourselves, which are the fields of analysis of the chapters, Mind and Ego-Geo

The mind is everything and the awareness of the mechanism's patterns of this processor-transmitter is fundamental to achieving every goal. This is the most complex organ of the human body and through the understanding of the way of its operation and the continuous practice on those patterns of thought, it is able to extract at any moment the optimum possible conclusion according to the purpose and the recorded experiences. It is the organ that regulates the vital energy which continuously flowing into the seven energy centres of the body (chakra), in the direction to and from the Universe. From this action, which obeys the seven principles of the Universe, is determined the mental and physical condition of everyone. The understanding of those mechanisms of the Mind and the Universe complemented by the perception of the power hidden by the letters and numbers as the expressers of the energy that surrounds us.

Having understood these mechanisms and how they interact with the Universe, creativity derives as a result of the achievement of Geometry with the Self-Creator within us. To make this harmony possible, it should be the same the view of anybody for themselves and the view of the people for them, with the reality. There is always one truth and this identification can only be achieved in conditions of profound insight, which are feasible only when there is a complete absence of the Ego from the crisis. In this condition, what is said is the same with what has been thought and done. Then, it can be achieved an objective understanding of the wider environment that each one derives and the influence of it, the characteristics that affect the personality and ultimately measuring with the Humanity. Through this, a true sense of Freedom is born, which combine with Responsibility are the two poles of the axis of Creation.

By understanding the way the mind works, along with self-geometry, a truly responsible and free thought has been cultivated. Finally, by utilising money and time in a right way, the levels of perception and creativity are multiplied. Then it is able to make the most of every experience, to “extract conclusions from abstract concepts seemingly unrelated to each other" for the benefit of mankind. The human mind is not a container that has to be filled only with knowledge, but a spark to light and wisely illuminate the way of life. Then, the extraction of new ideas never stops. In this direction of adopting a geometric and creative way of thinking, a new world is risen.

The outcome of mynous.online's work is considered to be successful by positively stimulating the reader towards a deeper understanding of theirselves and thus creativity. It is devoted to every thinking person. Ideas are available to any interested without any claim for financial reward. The reward is "letting the world a little better than we found it."

The exercise of mind is thinking!